You cherish your future spouse and are excited to use this season of engagement to invest in your relationship, strengthening it into an undividedly devoted marriage. You recognize that your marriage is more important than your wedding day, but understand the importance of having timeless photographs to tell your story and legacy. That's where we come in...

We are fine art wedding
and anniversary photographers serving Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

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You’re a young couple who value devotion, commitment, and legacy.

Hi! We’re Ben and Tristan Handley

the husband and wife team behind The Handley Co., which is a wedding photography experience that provides online resources to engaged couples helping them to invest and prepare for a completely committed marriage.

I’m Tristan! The “wife” part of the team here at The Handley Co. I still get giddy being able to say WIFE! If you can’t already tell, I am incredibly passionate about marriage and young couples. Joy and simplicity are very important to me, especially when it comes to the images from your very own wedding day. Our images at The Handley Co. are light, airy, elegant, and timeless because we want those images to evoke the same joy you felt on your wedding day when the image was taken. My absolute favorite part of a wedding day is photographing the bride and groom together for their portraits. I thrive when I’m able to make my couples feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera by providing gentle direction and taking great care of them in the process. I love to ensure they’re having fun and creating memories that will carry over into their images every second we’re together. I believe it is my job to invest in you what you are investing in me, so I do everything I possibly can to give my couples the very best. I am detail-oriented, an extreme smiler, and a great communicator.

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I’m Ben. The designated second photographer and assistant of all things on a wedding day for The Handley Co. I work full-time during the week as a pipefitter for a contractor in Columbus. I’m trained to be very mechanical and systematic, which carries over into the wedding days we have the honor of capturing. Having this mindset, I help to coordinate every aspect of the day and keep us on schedule by communicating with the couple’s family and friends.

My favorite part of a wedding day is when the groom sees his bride for the first time -- whether it be a first look or when she is coming down the aisle. It is the moment in the day that shows the purest form of emotion between the couple and it tells so much about the two of them and their story. Marriage is something I really value, so being able to invest in our couples and share the Gospel through serving them is amazing.

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A Little Black Dress and cocktails.

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"When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable." - Walt Disney

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We are Ben and Tristan Handley - a husband and wife photography team promoting authentic marriages and documenting love stories through timeless photographs. We provide educational resources and encouragement for young couples who value devotion and commitment.


We are fine art wedding and anniversary photographers serving Columbus, Ohio and beyond.

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