Three Reasons We Decided to Become Full Time RVers | Part 3


Full Time RV Couple at Sunset leaning against the RV


Our Road to Full Time

Welcome back to our very first RV series detailing the three main reasons that we decided to full time RV! If you haven’t been tuning in with us the past couple of weeks, you can catch reason #1 here and reason #2 here! Today, we’re sharing the third big reason we decided to full time RV! This reason mostly just comes with the territory but fits our lifestyle and who we are to a T. It’s a reason that makes us EXTREMELY excited for the season to come and I would say it has the most questions related to it!

Reason #3 for Full Time RVing

That reason is TRAVELING!! Most of you probably guessed this would be in one of the three, but we seriously can’t waittttt to share more about this, our plans for the spring when we start our journey outside Ohio, and everything in between! Ah!

Full time RVing brings a new nomadic lifestyle with it that we’ve never fully had before, but ever since Ben and I started dating, traveling has been a huge part of our relationship. We did long distance for a while since he went to school in Virginia, and we both always LOVED road tripping together even back then! Since we’ve been married, we’ve traveled more times than I can even remember. We visit Florida (our favorite trip in the universe) at least three times per year, plus take smaller trips to Savannah, Charleston, Michigan, Virginia, and sooo much more. Our version of fun includes hopping in our car, driving to our fave Starbs and then driving around for a road trip together. We love traveling, exploring, adventuring, road tripping, EVERYTHING.

It’s Not Our Sole Reason

We started this blog series with the intention of sharing the reasons we’re full time RVing in the most important order and then less and less — but we’re starting to realize all of the reasons go hand in hand and there isn’t one more important to us than the other. We want to be clear though that traveling is NOT our only reason for full timing! Being full timers will surely feed that urge for us to constantly be in the car and adventuring, so we’re really excited! But the travel is also just a fringe benefit in our journey to being debt free and also working towards not letting our things/stuff define us!

Closing Time

So in closing to our very first RV blog series — to sum it up, WE ARE EXCITED. We are expectant of what God is going to do in us and through us in this season of major change. It hasn’t been an easy one — in fact, the past week has been full of major growing pains. But through it all, we know God is with us and walking us through this for HIS glory. And I’m just proud that I/we get to be part of the story He is writing.

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