Three Reasons We Decided to Become Full Time RVers | Part 1


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Our Road to Full Time

Ever since we’ve announced the secret we’ve been keeping for monthsssss about becoming full time RVers, many of y’all have shown major interest in it and have so many questions for us about it! So we hope to answer quite a few of those with a new blog series about our road to full time!

We’re kicking off the series with a mini series answering the question: Why Did You Decide to Full Time RV? Today is part one, because we have multiple answers to this question and it would take wayyy too long to explain it all! So here’s answer #1!

Reason #1 for Full Time RVing

Becoming Full Time RVers is the start to our journey of becoming DEBT FREE! We’re SOOOO excited about this and can’t wait to share even more about it in the weeks and months to come. As I’ve shared before, while we were on a social media hiatus AND rebranding and changing the mission of our business — God was also convicting us and re-shaping our hearts in more areas than just that one.

I’m going to get a little personal here, because that’s what we like to do around here at THCo, so that someone else out there knows they aren’t alone. God has ALWAYS provided the needs and many, many wants for both Ben & I, so I don’t want y’all to get the wrong idea here. But, as our social media hiatus grew closer towards the one year mark, business started declining rapidly, which we didn’t expect because it hadn’t slowed down at ALL the first half or so. Money has never been a worry for us ever, but when this started happening, both of us felt the need to change the budget and step back and reevaluate. We had always followed the envelope/clip system from Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruz — but we didn’t ever really care that we still had a car payment, mortgage, student loans, and so on. But I whole-heartedly believe that God wanted to catch our attention with our money by slowing the business in order to convict us of our debt. We were FORCED to sit back and reevaluate and trust God enough to say, every penny we earn is FROM Him. We didn’t do anything to earn it. It was a harsh realization to come to that we were living outside our means if that meant we had to go into debt for something. It was also hard to come to terms with the fact that neither of us had always made perfect decisions and we had consequences for it — debt. Disclaimer : I’m not by any means condemning anyone ever if you do have debt or don’t see a problem with debt, I’m only speaking from conviction here!

We Have A Debt Problem

Once we got to the realization that we had a DEBT problem and a spending problem, we wanted to do everything it took in order to get OUT of debt and feel right with money and how we view it again. Now prior to this, we had already accidentally had the idea of full time RVing fall into our lap, but we (ME) dismissed the idea quickly because it was absolutely insane and we (I) hate change. But once we started really feeling convicted about debt, God kept bringing this idea back up in the strangest of ways, like He didn’t want us to brush it off. We would meet random strangers and they would share that they are full time RVers, Ben’s co-worker randomly told him he should buy an RV and sell his house, like CRAZY weird things when we had told absolutely zero people about the idea ever at this point. But as we started feeling the tug to pay off our debt, the idea of full time RVing and selling our home didn’t seem so crazy after all.

This is a story of one thing led to another which led to another and another blah blah blah, so I’ll spare you all the gory details and just say this 😉 After MUCH prayer (more than I think I’ve ever prayed in my life), we decided to sell our home and practically everything we own and buy a new to us RV. This would be step 1 in our journey to being debt free. Our house officially closed this past Friday and are so happy that we were blessed to find our new home before that! The transition has been easier than I expected and I’m so excited to share with you more of what living an RV looks like. I promise it’s been fun and we’ve grown so much already!

Our hope through living full time in the RV and traveling as far as our debt-free journey is, is to keep our bills to an absolute MINIMUM in order to pay off our 2018 vehicle and Ben’s heaping amount of student loan debt. 

Our debt snowball has began and we’re gonna be sharing more about that later this week!!!

In case you scrolled all the way to the bottom for the good answer: Reason #1 for full time RVing is to start our journey to being DEBT FREE! #debtsnowball

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