What Are The Five Love Languages?


Hey y’all, one of the most effective resources Tristan and I have used in our marriage is something called the 5 Love Languages Test! Today, I want to fill y’all in on each category of the test that way you and your spouse know how to interpret your results to get the most out of the resource. At the bottom, I have attached a PDF of the book (which I highly recommend reading together) along with a link to take the test!

Words of Affirmation – Building your spouse up using words!
Gifts – Buying gifts for your spouse to make them feel appreciated and thought of.
Acts of Service – Going out of your way to do something specifically for your spouse.
Quality Time – Setting aside undistracted, designated time for your spouse.
Physical Touch – holding hands, hugging, kissing, sex.

Once you take the test, one of these categories will reveal how you primarily receive and feel loved. The test results will show you which of the five love languages resonates the most with your character. It also tells you which of them doesn’t hit home for you.

Tristan and I strongly believe what the bible says about loving and respecting your spouse (Ephesians 5:33, Ephesians 5:25). In short, men are wired to feel love when they feel respected. Women are wired to feel loved through emotion and intentionality. Therefore, evaluating your results of the test with your spouse, paired with God’s intentional design for how each of us feels loved, produces a great combination of how to make your partner feel most loved and cherished. If y’all will take the time to investigate this together, you will see much-needed growth in the way each of you communicates. We beg you, go take the test!



What are the five love languages? How do I figure out my top love language? Take the quiz!

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