The Story of Us: Her Vows



Standing here with you today is a dream. I can’t help but stand in awe of God’s
goodness & faithfulness to us. Ever since we met, we’ve been through things together that
many people won’t experience in their lifetime. Through those times, I had the opportunity to
see your heart and your passion for the Gospel. I admire the way you always seek the Lord first in everything, I adore your sweet servant’s heart, and I love the way you push me to grow on a daily basis.This past year with you has taught me that the purpose of a relationship is not to glorify each other, but in all of our brokenness bring glory to Christ Jesus. So with that:

I promise to do my best to model my love for you after the way Christ loves His church.
I promise to always show my appreciation for you, with both my words and my actions.
I promise to earnestly listen to you, reassuring you that every thought of your mind is
important to me.
I promise to give you all that I am and to never half-heartedly pursue you.
I promise to always notice and acknowledge the positive things that you do, rather than get
hung up on the negatives.
I promise to take care of you with tenderness when you are sick, whether it be emotionally or
I promise to always be faithful to you by guarding both my heart and my eyes.
I promise to submit to you & respect you as Christ calls me to on a daily basis.
I can assure you that these promises are not empty ones, but full of sincerity. But there will be
some days that my mind and heart will forget how to put “I Love You” into action.
I promise that sometimes I will fail you.
I promise that I tend to fall short.
But even through my failures and shortcomings, I promise that I will never stop loving you and
I will never stop trying to show you how deeply rooted in my heart you are. As hard as it
already is, I promise not to buy into the lies that “you complete me”, because you don’t. Christ
has made me complete, and he is Lord over my life. So I promise not to give you the glory
that only belongs to God.
This life, this love, was always meant to be a wild, crazy adventure, and today is just the start.
Ben, today I commit to you and only you as your wife and I couldn’t be more excited.

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